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We all need a little more sun in our lives, for nothing brings warmth to bodies and smiles to faces more quickly. Don't you just wish you could scoop it up and hold it in your hands? That's exactly what two besties in the sun-soaked paradise of Durango, Colorado, have tried to replicate with their simple invention of pocketed bands designed to hold air-activated warmers. These heat-generators are aptly named SunLoops heater holders.


"Looping heat since 2016," as founders, Sandy Seibert and Jill Wright, like to say.


Sandy's struggled with Raynaud's Syndrome for years and remembers well the day she decided to take matters into her own hands. She was reading a book to a class of middle school students and looked down in horror to see her fingers were ghostly white. Within a few months, the symptoms grew from bothersome to intolerable, and she found herself stressed within minutes of exposure to any kind of cold.    

An avid outdoorswoman, she tried everything from wrapping her bike handlebars in heat tape to practicing breathing techniques. Both worked, but Sandy was convinced that there had to be a better way. A jewelry designer by trade with a degree in Clothing and Textiles, she used a combo of creativity and engineering to conjure up something simple and functional.

As she played around with securing air-activated heating elements to her hands, Sandy had the idea to use "pockets" in a band that would hold the heating element  while keeping her fingers free to operate.

At this point, Sandy reached out to her friend, Jill, who also happens to have a background in Textiles and Clothing. The moms had spent time trading ideas back-and-forth in different network marketing endeavors when their kids were younger as well as mountain biking together, so knew they'd make a good team. Their collaboration yielded a nylon-spandex band that can be worn directly on the skin, underneath gloves or on top of lighter gloves. The air-activated heaters would be positioned in the band to allow the heat to penetrate but not inhibit the hand from holding or operating objects, like phones or gardening tools.

The pocketed heater in the band can be moved from the back of the hand to the palm, depending on what needs warming the most. Meanwhile, fingers are free to type on the computer for those inside jobs, while the bands serve as a sufficient alternative to bulky gloves for outdoor pursuits, like Nordic skiing or mountain biking.

This simple solution provides the opportunity for men and women prone to poor circulation to keep rafting, riding, skiing, golfing and hiking with friends without the distraction of cold hands. For Sandy, SunLoops heater holders are a life-changer, enabling her to have access to warmth throughout the day, whether she's playing outside or working in the classroom at her job as a Special Education teacher for Durango High School.

With Jill's driven spirit and experience in manufacturing and Sandy's creative genius, it was time to take the bold step of launching their business. A friend of Jill's in California volunteered her services to help produce the patent-pending product to ensure that SunLoops heater holders are 100-percent Made-in-the-USA.

SunLoops heater holder's company name “LuHoo” was inspired by a fellow outdoorswoman bestie, Cindy, who passed away from cancer in 2013. Cindy "Lu-Hoo," was always cold and would have loved the heat band concept, so Jill and Sandy thought it only fitting to include her in the company name. LuHoo, LLC, dba SunLoops, honors their dear friend because, at the end of it all, SunLoops are all about relationships.

The potential for SunLoops heater holders extends beyond the office walls and dusty trails of Southwest Colorado. From students attending marching band practice in the early-morning chill to medical patients receiving chemo treatments, SunLoops heater holders provide that extra bit of "sun" looped and scooped in the palm of the hand.   

"It's like holding a hot cup of coffee all day long," says one happy customer.  

Special thanks to Joy Martin for her help

in giving our story its voice.


Raynaud's is a narrowing of the blood vessels to extremities, resulting in a reduction of blood flow to the fingers and toes. Raynaud's episodes are caused by cold temperatures or emotional stress. This experience can occur anywhere--grocery stores, office buildings, classrooms and even at home. Heater Holders provide a means to warm the hands, allowing persons afflicted with this syndrome much more comfort and functionality.


Office buildings, movie theaters, airplanes and even grocery stores can be some of the coldest spaces. Heater Holders offer heated comfort in any situation, allowing fingers to move about freely. For unanticipated indoor chill you can carry Heater Holders wherever you go.

Winter Sports

Big bulky gloves might provide warmth, but can be cumbersome and allow little maneuverability. Even with gloves, many people lose feeling in their hands while engaging in winter sports. Heater Holders provide a way to hold and direct the heat on your hands.  Wear them under large gloves or on top of thinner winter gloves for steadfast heat.


Even in the summer, being outdoors can be chilly. Heater Holders provide heat stabilization on top of thinner gloves or on your bare hands, affording the natural maneuverability of your fingers. Whether hiking, biking, fishing, golfing, or even working in the yard, Heater Holders heat stabilization makes cold, malfunctioning fingers a problem of the past.


Jill: 970-749-4419

Sandy: 970-799-3323

Durango, CO 81301
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